Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide answers to frequently asked questions so that first-time customers can undergo the hair removal treatment with peace of mind.

Does the treatment hurt?
S.S.C Hair Removal is a new state-of-the-art pain free technology.
*Level of tolerance for pain varies from person to person or body areas.
I have never had hair removal treatment. Is it really safe?
It is very safe. Do consult with us for any prior worries you might have.
Does the hair fall out on the day of treatment?
The hair will fall out in around 2 weeks depending on the individual's skin condition
along with the regeneration of new skin.
How often should I come to have hair removed?
Hair removal treatment is most effective if you come once every two to three months
according to your hair growth cycle.
How long does it take for one treatment?
Depending on the area being treated, a treatment on the underarms will take 15 to 30 minutes,
making it convenient even for people on the go.
How many treatments do I need to receive for cleaner, hair-free skin?
While this varies depending on the individual, self-care becomes much easier to perform after 4 to 6 treatments,
while unwanted hair will almost be a thing of the past after 8 to 12 treatments.
Are more treatments required the thicker the hair you have?
While the number of treatments required may differ depending on the constitution of the hair,
typically hair thickness has no impact on the number of treatments required.
Is it better to get rid of any unwanted hair on the day of the treatment?
Yes. Please take care of any hair removal area with either a razor or an electric shaver,
2 - 3 days before receiving your treatment. Please consult the salon staff if your skin gets red from self-treatment.
How should I take care of hair removal spots between treatments?
Please refrain from removing hairs and waxing by yourself until the beauty hair removal treatment is complete.
You may take care of these areas with a shaver or razor from the following day onwards once the skin is in a more relaxed state.
Do you accept people during menstruation?
During menstruation, pubic area treatment cannot be done.
We might not be able to serve a person with skin irritation, suffering from heavy cramps.
Can a person with delicate skin receive treatment?
Please be assured that we only apply treatments that are gentle to the skin.
In addition, we will also conduct a skin examination beforehand.
Is it possible to treat suntanned skin?
Due to the sensitive condition of your skin after sun tanning, we do not perform treatments on such skin.
Please also make every possible effort not to get a suntan after treatment.
Do you treat skin with tattoos?
Only areas that are 5cm or more away from tattoos will be treated.
I am pregnant. Do you treat pregnant women?
Treatment cannot be done during pregnancy and lactation.
We recommend treatment after lactation and completing 2 cycles of mensturation.
Will the treatment affect my skin in any way?
The method of hair removal used by the salon works on the hair itself and will not directly affect the skin.
Is hair removal treatment expensive?
MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO commits to an open and reasonable fee structure. We do not ask for any extra charges such as a membership fee, aftercare cosmetics and other hidden costs.
We assure you that we charge only the indicated prices for treatment services.
Are additional charges really unnecessary?
Yes, it is not necessary to pay any other charges in addition to the indicated prices for treatment.
As MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO specializes in hair removal treatment, we do not need to solicit customers to use other esthetic courses. We do not sell cosmetic products such as hair-removal gel and moisturizer in our salon.
Does the cost differ depending on the type and density of hair?
No, the same price applies to the same area. However, there might be differences in the period required for treatment.
Are the fees displayed the amount to be paid every time?
The fee displayed is the total amount charged for treatments through to the completion of the course.
Refer here for further details.
Are credit cards accepted?
Credit cards can be used at any of our salons.
However, the type of card accepted may differ depending on the salon. Please contact the salon for further details.
Can a contract be cancelled before the hair removal course has finished?
With proper reason and consideration, we will refund you the amount of sessions remaining during the contract period.
Is it possbile to cancel apointment?
For cancellation of appointments, please give us a call at 2169 4888 as soon as possible.
What questions will be asked during the counseling?
We will ask about your hair removal experiences in the past and current physical condition. In addition, we will answer any questions to eliminate your worries. We will then explain about the system of MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO and its fee structure.
Must counseling be received?
Yes. It is compulsory for customer to receive consultation.
What kind of courses are available?
We have a complete hair removal course, a full body hair removal course, a hygienina course and
a free selection hair removal course. Please check this page for more details.
Can we change salons?
Yes, one-time transfer is applicable.
Can we add treatments?
Yes, you can. A contract reflecting any additional treatments will be required.
It is possible to bring my child along?
We do not allow customers to bring along their child because we are conducting treatment that requires
precision and care. A child might also injure him/herself in our salon.
Do you treat men?
MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO is a salon exclusively for women. We are afraid that we do not treat men.
Also, please refrain from visiting the salon with men.
What kind of benefits apply when introducing others (being introduced)?
Check here for more details on introductory benefits.
What kind of clothes should I wear when going to a salon?
As a special camisole or gown will be provided for the treatment no clothing requirements apply.
I couldn't find the answer for my question... / Can I send a feedback?
Please feel free to contact us for more information at jg-hongkong@jin-co.net.
Also we would appreciate your feedbacks.
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