What is S.S.C. Hair Removal?

Introducing S.S.C. Hair Removal

S.S.C. Hair Removal stands for Smooth Skin Control Hair Removal, which is a new state-of-the-art pain free technology*.

With S.S.C. Hair Removal, our specially formulated gel is activated when exposed to beams of filtered light. As compared with self treatment such as shaving, plucking and waxing, this technology is more gentle to your skin with minimal or no discomfort. The plant peptide in the gel also helps your skin become even smoother & polished.

*May not be suitable for some skin type/color and health/medical condition, consultation required.

  • Treatments affect the growth of your hair.
  • A specially formulated gel is applied to the skin and light will be flashed onto the treated area.
  • The hair will fall out from its root in two weeks.
  • Over the course of treatments, your skin becomes smoother and untroubled.

Hair removal method comparison chart

MUSEE's S.S.C. hair removal offers greater peace of mind through complete hair removal in a shorter period of time compared to conventional methods, without the need to worry about the discomfort on the skin associated with those methods.

S.S.C. “Smooth Skin Control
Hair Removal”
Musee Laser Wax Removal
Procedure Reduces and removes hair by weakening the regenerative ability of the hair through the synergistic use of gels and light to gradually produce thinner, harder to see hairs. The dual-wavelength laser hair removal technology is used to match the skin color and hair condition of different customers, so that the laser can more precisely reach the melanin in the hair follicle, absorb and convert it into heat energy, effectively destroying the hair follicle. A wax combination spread over the skin. A cloth strip is pressed on the top and ripped off, removing the wax along with the hair and dead skin cells.
Pain Minimal Pain
Minimal Pain
Mild Pain
Intense Pain
Intense Pain
(for both underarms)
3 mins
3 mins
5 mins
10 mins
10-20 mins
10-20 mins
Skin Damage Skin structure will not be damaged, skin feels smooth thanks to gel containing plant peptide. A layer of -20°C Cryogen refrigerant is pre-sprayed milliseconds before the laser is fired to protect the skin and reduce pain at the same time. Sometimes leave burns, red bumps, change in skin colour, etc.

Treatment Process

MUSEE's hair removal treatment is fast, painless, and gentle to the skin. Your first consultation will take about an hour. Treatment for underarms only takes about 30 minutes; It's that fast!


It is important for your safety and better result to prepare for the treatment. Your skin is precious.

  • The ideal hair length for treatments

    Treatments best work on hair from 1-2mm. Shave 2-3 days before your treatment date. It may cause trouble on your skin if hair is longer than 5mm.

  • Don'ts
    • Undergo any kind of vaccination 10 days before the treatment to avoid any inflammation or fever.
    • Consume alcohol 12 hours before treatment.
    • Use any sun protector, antiperspirant, cosmetics and other irritants on the treated area.


STEP 1Consultation

Our 1-on-1 consultation addresses all your hair and skin related concerns. Simply call us or sign up on the website for your free consultation. The treatment is arranged once the service that is right for you is decided upon.

Why do I need to go for the consultation?

All customers must go for the consultation so we can prepare a treatment record based on your requests, to provide you with the hair removal service that best meets your needs.

The treatment begins once the service that is right for you is decided upon. You will be shown to a private room so you can relax with peace of mind.

STEP 2 Skin Checking

We use an optical hair removal device. Base on each customer's skin condition, hair quality and hair volume to provide the most safety treatment.

STEP 3 Specially formulated gel

The treated area is cleansed and a specially formulated gel* with hair growth inhibiting ingredients will be applied to the skin.

*No extra charge for the gel

STEP 4 Light exposure & Cooling down

You will be required to wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the light. You will only feel the glare of the light for only a second. The underarm treatment requires only 3 minutes and is usually pain-free.

The gel will be wiped away and a cooling pad will be placed on the treated skin to soothe it.

STEP 5 Aftercare (Application of moisture essence)

A post-treatment moisturizing essence will be applied to soothe the skin. Hair falls out from the root in two weeks.


  • Dos
    • Use sun protector to avoid tanning.
    • Moisturise with lotion.
    • Shower gently.
    • Wash the treated area gently.
  • Don'ts
    • Take a hot bath/shower or sauna. A warm shower would be recommended.
    • Do intense and strenous exercise.
    • Consume alcohol 12 hours after all the treatment.

Hair Growth Cycle

We recommend customers to visit our salon once every two to three and a half months depending on their hair growth cycle. Depending on the individual, hair will be thinner and less visible usually after the fifth or sixth treatment.

Initial growth period Growth period Involutional period Dormant period

At MUSEE we perform treatments that match this cycle to remove unwanted hair in the most efficient manner.

1st Session

1st Session

Experience our hair removal treatment.The hair will fall out at the root in around two weeks.

2nd or 3rd Session

2nd or 3rd Session

Feel the change in your hair quality!The texture of unwanted hair will change to that of lanugo (body) hair.

4th session

4th Session

No more self-treatment!You will not have to shave or pluck out any unwanted hair at home.

5th session

5th Session

Say hello to baby soft and smooth skin!Feel proud to show off your beautiful smooth skin anytime at parties or beach resorts.

6th Session onwards

6th Session onwards

No more trouble over unwanted hair!We will be here for you until your hair growth cycle is completed.

  • *The length of treatment will depend on your hair growth cycle. Please enquire at our salon for more details.
  • *As the hair growth cycle also depends on the area of treatment and hair quality, the time taken for complete hair removal will differ for every individual.
  • *This treatment cycle is an example.

Musee Express

A brand-new hair removal service using our latest high-speed machine solely developed by Musee!

The speed of the machine is now 5x faster than the conventional and it changes our treatment procedure, making one session treatment time much shorter! We are ready to provide more comfortable and speedy beauty hair removal service to you.


Shorter treatment time

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